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A professional colour consultant, available to you onsite throughout the Bay of Plenty or online to develop paint colour schemes to compliment your decorating style, tastes and existing or proposed furnishings.



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Onsite Colour Consulting
Find choosing colours confusing?

Choosing a colour scheme for your house or unit can be a challenging process.

If you find it hard to have confidence in deciding which colours  will suit your property  as well as your personal tastes, we are here to help.


As part of our painting service we provide colour consultancy as well as expert house painting.  Not only will this ensure that your painting & decorating project is a huge success, but it will also save you in both time and the cost of paint and prevent you having to live with unsuitable colours for years. 


Professional colour guidance gives peace of mind  and can actually make colour selection fun and enjoyable.

  • On site colour consultation


  • Provision of colour charts and/or  'brush-outs' from a leading paint manufacurer


  • Recommendation of specific colours  to suit features of architecture, carpets, drapes and other furnishings


  • Colour scheme documentation for painters & decorators and for future use.


  • Digital photographic preview for an  approximate visual representation of the colour scheme 


Our Onsite Colour Consulting Service Includes:

Choosing paint colours
red violet paint in re painted bedroom
Virtual Colour Consulting - Use photos to get a clearer picture!
We are also able to create virtual colour schemes, assisting you in choosing your ideal colours.*

Virtual colour previews are a great way to get a clearer visual picture of how various colour schemes will appear when your project is completed.


Colour schemes are developed for your property using photos that can be either taken by us or provided by you via email. We can  either call or email you to discuss your preferences and requirements. The amount of guidance that a customer may require will vary. It can be specific or broad guidance, or you may wish to  leave the selection of colours completely in the hands of our consultant.


Our  service uses the photos taken by our photographer or provided by you to show  which areas the new colours should be applied. Virtual samples of colours will be included and physical samples can be provided for colour accuracy.  Professional software  is used to virtually paint the proposed colour scheme onto the photo your building.

Comparing colour samples to existing paint
Paint colour schemes - the possibilities are virtually endless.


Our Virtual Colour Consulting Service Includes:


  • Provision of colour charts & samples from a  premium paint manufacturer 

  • Phone or email correspondence 

  • Emailed document that includes recommendation for placement of colours according to architectural features

  • Emailed professional colour scheme documentation for a painters reference and future touch ups or projects

  • Digital virtual 'preview' for a visual representation of the final result.

* It is important to remember that there can be a slight difference in colour appearance  across a variety of IT platforms and screens. For this reason virtual colour schemes offer a great way of visualising colours but are not 100% accurate. Using colour test pots are essential for accuracy once your selected colour options are narrowed down to  a final colour scheme.

Virtual Colour Variations - unlimited colour scheme variations are possible with our professional design software

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