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Do you offer plastering and render (texture) repairs?


Yes, we are experts at repairing  small plaster or wall damage, or minor damage to exterior cement render.  If you have removed wallpaper  and wish to paint the walls it is important to be aware that plaster was applied to a lower grade finish than that required for painting and your walls will need re-plastering by a professional plasterer to ensure that the finish is suitable for painting.

What is the warranty on my paint job?


We take every measure necessary to ensure that all our work is carried out according to the manufacturers specifications. Our quotes allow for the job to be completed correctly and doing so gives us pleasure and pride in what we do.  Once painting has been completed by Nouveau, the workmanship warranty is for 3 years on all surfaces except roofs, handrails and floors which we cover for 1 year.  Unfortunately however, we cannot guarantee that the correct measures were taken by previous painters and that old paint will not  break down under the paint that we have applied.  

Please note, the paint itself has it’s own warranty, depending on the Manufacturer.


How long is my quote valid for?


Our residential/commercial quotes are valid for 3 months from date of quote. Please contact us should you wish to request a revision.

I am getting new carpet installed, should the painting be done before of after?


We highly recommend painting prior to installing new carpets. If the carpet is being replaced by other flooring , you should paint first, then lay the flooring and then we can come back to touch up the skirtings after.

I only have a very small job? Does Nouveau have a minimum charge?


We are happy to quote any job for you, big or small! We do not have a set minimum charge, however small jobs  that are  carried out independently are generally more expensive that when carried out as part of a larger project because of travelling and setting up and packing up times as well as the possibility of requireing more than one visit for completion.

My house has not been built yet. Can Nouveau give me an estimate from a plan?


Yes. We are happy to give an accurate estimate from plans, based upon the information provided in the plan and from our discussion with you. Before we are able to give a fixed quote  we will need to see the construction nearing completion to ensure that there are no other features that were not apparent or are a variation to the plan.

How soon can my decorating begin?


Each job is different, the commencement of your painting will depend upon the weather, the nature of your project and how many clients we have in our current job queue. For example, if you have interior decorating your project may commence sooner if we have a period of wet weather,  but we pride ourselves on being prompt and working in and around our clients preferred dates if possible.

Which is the best brand of paint?


Inquiries about the best paint  are frequent. The major brands are Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl  and Resene.  All major brands have several lines of paint that vary in quality. The question of quality is not about the brand, as much as it about the quality of the particular line of paint. All of these brands have a 'trade line' that is available to account holders. Generally the paint that is more cheaply made and will often not cover as well or withstand the elements as much as the premium or  'shelf line' alternatives. Between premium and trade, there is also a professional line of paint.

Paint typically accounts for only 10 to 20% of the entire cost of the decorating project. As it is not as significant factor as the cost of labour in the final price, you should insist that the company use a premium paint line of paint from a major brand. Often painters will say  they only use a particular brand but then use the cheapest  line, this will typically lower the overall finish of the job and the lifespan of the paint.

At Nouveau, we believe that trying to cut costs by purchasing a lower quality line of paint is false economy so you can be rest assured that we will use premium brand and line paints on your decorating project.

How long will my painting project take?

This depends on the size of the project and other factors  such as the amount of prepatation work to be completed.

Typically a full interior or exterior of a  home re-paint will take around 2 to 3 weeks to complete.


It is a fact that only qualified and experienced staff produce outstanding results. Unfortunatly with the lack of skilled tradesmen in the market, outstanding results are no longer the norm and large painting companies are often forced to employ unskilled workers.  At Nouveau we pride ourselves on offering genuine quality, prompt and professional service and having a small team of dedicated and experienced painters  ensures that we continually provide that  service.

We feel that the smaller size of our team is important to our professionalism and integrity.  Sometimes that means that we take a little longer to complete a project. 

We encourage open communication with our clients  in to order to meet their needs and  their expectations, without compromising the quality of the final product.

When building a home or remodelling, should I hire the painters, or leave this for the builders?


It can appear more simple and cost effective to have builders hire the sub-contractors, and builders are able to manage projects successfully in this way. However there are some drawback to completing a build with this method.

For these reasons, we suggest hiring a paint company yourself if budget and quality are important to you.

Does my home need to be empty to paint?


It is the ideal to have an empty house for a painting project, as easy acces allows for greater time efficiency. Frequently, however, painting is carried out for a  renovation or a colour refresh, and we carefully move and work around the furniture.

Naturally we ensure that furniture is protected with paint drop cloths as a precaution.

Have a different question not covered here? 

No problem, we are happy to answer enquiries regarding any of our services. Please feel free to contact us

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