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Insurance Repairs Painting

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Events such as earthquakes, fires and storms cause significant damage to painted surfaces within just seconds or minutes

In many cases, however, totally rebuilding all of the damaged property is not necessary and areas of the building can be restored to new with a professional clean and the application of new plaster and paint.

Nouveau specialises in the repair and restoration of plaster and paint damage. 
Smoke Damage

When a property has been damaged by fire,  smoke is deposited onto building substrates such as ceiling, walls and trim. Nouveau are specialists in cleaning such deposts and sealing the substrates ready for fresh coats of paint, removing smoke odours and restoring property like new.


Re-painting After Structural Repair

Regardless of whether a window has been broken or a tree has fallen onto a home, Nouveau are specialists in working with insurance companies, loss assessors and insurance claimants, to re-decorate repaired substrates. 

Our Insurance Repair Service  Provides:

  • Professional painting and experience in insurance damage repair

  • Close liason with insurance companies, building owners and tenants

  • Fast quotes

  • Comprehensive knowledge of paint products and their  applications

  • Quality stain blockers, sealants and paints from leading suppliers

  • Secure, responsible working proceedures

  • Minimal disruption to current occupants

  • We clean up as we go and remove rubbish at the end of the job



Choosing Nouveau ensures not only an affordable price but painters
who care and treat every home with respect.
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Why Choose Us?

We have carried out  insurance damage repair for decades and are very experienced in treating interior and exterior damage, including plaster repairs.

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