7 Of Our Favourite Decorating Infographics

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

When it comes to decorating projects it is so good to have the advice of professionals. What's the best way to arrange a picture gallery? At what height should the curtains hang?

Here are some of my favourite infographics with excellent advice and information on aspects of interior design and for various interior decorating tasks.

1. Sofas - What is with sofa design?

2. Never know how to hang those paintings? Here's some dos & don'ts:

3. What about arranging those pictures?

4. Luxurious Beds - It's all in the pillow arrangement!

5. Turn your bookshelf into it's own work of art

6.Curtains - Short or Long? Some Do's & Dont's

7.Interior Design 101 - Some excellent advice from design professionals

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