Pantone's Colour Of TheYear

This year Pantone (colour systems) are celebrating ULTRA VIOLET as their colour of the year. Obviously it is perfect for those who love and embrace bold, punchy looks!

This year (2018) Pantone, the colour experts, have chosen Ultra-Violet as their colour of the year
Pantone's colour for the year, 2018

Actually, it is the colour of mystery, spirituality, creativity and individuality, so it is certainly a colour with the potential for exciting and unexpected combinations.

In a colour scheme the bold form of the colour can be balanced by silver and grey
Ultra violet is a powerful colour, but it can be toned down when contrasted with silver and grey

Bright clean positive purple and indigo
Bright clean purple and indigo is such a positive colour, tempered by pastel greys

While it offers a lot of power as a colour on it's own, it can be included with neutral, natural shades if more ​ subtlety is required. As an accent colour, cushions, throws, modern prints or other decorative home-wares are ways to combine the colour with existing neutral paint shades such as white, or soft pastel tones and light timbers.


A much softer example here in this indigo chinosoisie kantha quilt, showing that natural variations of ultra violet are very much possible.

Indigo Chinoiserie Quilt
This indigo chinoisorie kantha quilt shows a much softer look

Warm, rich mauves, balanced with neutral and natural shades of light timber and earthy green/grey

Mauves as accents to natural hues
Warmer mauves, as accents to natural pastel hues can anything be more delightful than natural Ultra Deep Violet?

lavender ultra violet
Lavender is definitely the most delightful form of ultra-violet

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