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Regardless of whether you are decorating a room or an entire house, you can always find a style and theme to match your personal taste. How can you achieve your own vision for a room or home? Focus on the options, elements and preferences that will allow it to happen.

Simple rustic interior design style
Simple Rustic Kitchen Image:

There is an amazing range of products available on the market, especially through online purchasing. Shoppers are expecting more for their homes and they definitely have choices available to them.

There is an endless array of colours, decorations, paint and surface finishes and of course prices to match. The sky is the limit, but – it is important to be specific and narrow down your choices to achieve a specific theme.

The Basics are the Best Way to Start Don’t have a particular style yet? Uncertain how to proceed? Here are the four main styles to choose from:

Casual : The casual style is comfortable, warm and relaxing. This can be achieved with geometrical, especially rectangular elements, rustic design, and soft furniture with textured fabrics.

Casual interior design
Casual Design. Image:

· Formal : The formal style is elegant, often symmetrical with exquisite furnishings. You may consider such elements as high ceilings, doors and windows, polished timber, Imported rugs, antique items, and decorative trim.

Formal Interior design style
Formal Design Style. Image:

· Contemporary : The modern or current design trends in 2018 generally tend toward fundamental, simple, and subtle sophistication. Neutral and generally natural colour, minimal structural elements, and furniture that is smooth and geometric. The overall feel is restful and serene.

Contemporary Interior Design
Contemporary Style. Image:

· Traditional: Generally traditional syle is associated with neo-classical influences which were popular up until the 1920s. Ornate plaster cornices and mouldings, for example. Taking a look at traditional style and comparing it with some of the latest decorating trends is to discover that nothing is truly new or original. Regardless, it's fun to see past design themes, fabrics, and other elements adapted to create a fresh new look.

Traditional Interior Design
Traditional Kitchen Design. Image:

Gathering Influences from around the world

After deciding on a general style to follow for your project, you can engage further in images and find inspiration to develop final design elements like color.

Getting down to details will make the difference between the feeling of a New York City loft apartment and a vineyard retreat in Tuscany .

Consider these style influences:

· French Country: This style usually includes a mixture of patterns, symmetrical chairs, chandeliers, and a pop of accent color.

French County Design Style
French Country Style.

· Tuscan Style: Think terracotta, open cupboards, copper, and rustic shutters. Combines distress paint, natural stone, wood, and earth colours.

Tuscan Interior Design
Tuscan Style Entrance. Image:

· Paris Apartment : Paris, the city of romance and mystery. Baroque, rococo, and neoclassical elements. Rich jewel colours, luxurious silks, and of course large posters of Parisian landmarks- the or expressionist prints.

Paris Apartment style
Paris Apartment Style. Image:

· Swedish Style: The casual look is the key to this style. Light with white and blue is fundamental to the Swedish look. Also minimalistic walls and surfaces with gold and red accents. Furnishings should be of simple fabrics with clean straight and curving lines.

Swedish Interior Desigh
Swedish Interior Style

Choose Colour with Flair

Look for colour and pattern that will work with your theme. Choosing the right main and accent colours is vital, regardless of the style.

A coloured feature wall can enliven the space or alter the perceive size of the interior space. Use color theory and other techniques to choose the right colours. Remember – Balance is key. Strong colours can be overwhelming. Less is more – a little accent colour can make a stronger statement.

Finally Consider current decorating trends, and how furniture and accessories can be incorporated in ways that will give your space the feel that you are looking for.

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