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Roof Painting

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The roof is the most important component of any home. It protects the internal structure from the rain and because it is so exposed, it must endure the harshest of environmental conditions. Quality painting by  Nouveau's expert roof painters will increase the life of your roofing material.



Choosing Nouveau ensures not only an affordable price but  roof painters who care and treat every home with respect.
Roof Maintenance

Roofs need to be re-painted every 10 or so years to protect both the roofing material and your home from the elements. A new coat of roof paint also gives your home a lift and can transform it’s appearance. It’s a great way to improve the look of your property if you are selling your home.

Getting onto the roof to clean and paint can be a dangerous job. Take the stress out painting your roof by calling in the experts. We are a trusted and experience team and we have been repainting Tauranga roofs for over 30 years. With Nouveau, quality roof painting is easy and affordable.

Why Choose Nouveau For Your Roof Painting?

Whether you have noticed your roof looks tired, or you’ve just discovered some areas of rust showing, you want to improve your home to sell or keep up with maintenance, we at Nouveau are here to help.Nouveau Decorating has been painting roofs for decades. We are  experts in all roof surfaces, products and applications and we take safety at height seriously on every roof painting project.

We have earned our reputation as being Tauranga’s trusted roof painting:

We Specialise in All Aspects of Roof Painting
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Nouveau are expert roof painters in Tauranga
We provide roof painting services throughout Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty
  • Colour consultation – Whether you want to match the existing colour or are wanting a complete change, we can help you find the perfect colour for your roof

  • Extensive preparation – To ensure that your new roof paint will stand the test of time, we first make sure that the existing roof is cleaned and prepared for maximum adhesion. We also ensure that any loose roof nails or screws are replaced prior to painting.

  • We use only premium quality products – A newly painted roof is only as good as the paint itself and we know that using inferior paint is false economy. Because we use the highest quality materials you can be rest assured that your new paint will last for years to come.

  • Repair of water damage ceilings – If  there has been damage to ceilings or walls by a leaking roof,  we can repair it as part of our complete decorating service

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Our Professional Roof Painting Process

Painting your roof  isn’t just about how it will look. It is vital that your home is weather proof. At Nouveau, we take seriously our responsibility for ensuring that your roof will be water tight  and we know that the difference between a good job and a great job is the finer details. When we paint your roof you can expect:

  • Moss and lichen treatment – Plant organisms can be difficult to remove and some roofs will require treatment to kill off  lichen etc. so that it is removed during cleaning and regrowth is prevented

  • Thorough cleaning – This is is essential to ensure that the new paint adheres well and doesn’t flake off. A water blast will remove dust, grime, treated lichen and other plant matter

  • Comprehensive preparation – Any loose nails or flashings, damaged tiles and mortar will be repaired or replaced. Any flaky paint will be removed, any rusty metal will be treated and bare metal primed.

  • Careful application of paint – We apply roof paint by spray painting the roof. This results in a thicker, stronger coating that is also smooth and even.

Your Freshly Painted Roof

How is it possible to achieve such a great looking, long lasting paint finish? Nouveau takes all the necessary steps needed for the very best result. The culmination of our thorough and careful approach and the use of premium paint products makes all the difference, and is the reason that our customers continue to let us and others know how happy they are with their beautiful roof paint.

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Nouveau's professional spray paint application process

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