Water Damaged Paint

Repairs to Water Damaged Surfaces 

water damage painting repair service
Tauranga's climate has caused water damage to many properties, resulting in water staining to ceilings and damage to paintwork & wallpaper caused by mildew and mould.

Nouveau  specialises in water damaged plaster and paint and wallpaper repair.

Whether you have damage to ceilings and walls from a leaky roof, or windows or plumbing, or have waterstained or mildew affected paintwork, Nouveau has the right solution for you.

The first and most important step to water damage repairs, is to ensure that the source of the water leak has been identified and fixed.

Once this has taken place, water can evaporate from substrates, ready for any replacement, plastering and painting work to begin.

Our Service Provides:

  • Experienced plasterers to patch and repair affected areas

  • A professional  painter  and paperhanger experienced in water damage repair

  • Quality water stain blockers and sealers from premium paint  suppliers

  • Knowledge and experience of mould-inhibiting  treatments and paints

Why Choose Us?

Nouveau is renowned for our prompt and professional approach. We have decades of experience in all aspects of water damage repairs/ painting.

Our painters are true craftsman, on hand to tackle the water damaged areas of your home.



Choosing Nouveau ensures not only an affordable price but painters
who care and treat every home with respect.
We repair and re-paint water damaged services

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